After a fast-moving and incredulous life worthy of a Hollywood film script, Miranda founded miranda leslau marcomms in January 2001. Since that time, Miranda’s unique approach to marcomms as a freelance ‘in-house’ consultant has crossed continents and sectors, working at the highest level to bring to life and protect organisations the world over. Miranda has also lectured in PR Strategy, having been headhunted by two international universities, namely Boston University (USA) British Programmes and The University of Buckingham.

miranda leslau marcomms services include remote e-commerce marketing, top-level media relations, crisis management, SME ‘PR & Marketing In A Box’, website creation, social media strategy, remote customer service management, media training, strategic and creative advisory, copy writing, B2B and B2C partnership or stakeholder management and development, event management, internal and team comms, Trustee support, translation & interpreting skills and agency ‘fast track’ PR training.

In 2019, a consolidation of Miranda’s skills and talents led to the launch of #nofilter talent, a boutique talent agency with a difference, offering corporate and literary agency representation. With a broad reach network of contacts and trusted partnerships built over many years, #nofilter talent will deliver a bespoke approach to talent management, offering the same level of creative thinking, attention to detail and industry know-how as miranda leslau marcomms.

#nofilter talent agency services include talent management and representation, literary agency, brand building, emerging talent strategy, writing and review of treatments and contracts, as well as ghost writing.

CSR & Giving Back

Miranda Leslau has always been committed to giving back and helping others. In 1995, Miranda was sitting at Lynne Franks’ kitchen table being interviewed by Lynne, who asked: “What do you want to do with your life?”. Miranda responded, quite resolutely: “I want to make a difference”. The same answer applies today as it did all those years ago.

Miranda has worked with numerous charities over the years, supporting causes such as World Hunger, Neurodiversity, Suicide, Poverty, SIDS, Terrorism, Homelessness, Youth Mentoring, Sustainability, The Criminal Justice System and Animal Welfare, focusing on large-scale media and music events.

Image Credited to McVirn Etienne