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Miranda Leslau PR - PR in Black and White


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Miranda, your patience and light set me on a road that has changed my life from the inside out for the better

Angie Greaves
Presenter, Magic 105.4FM Radio

As business editor for Devon Life magazine, it has been a pleasure to work closely with Miranda who is attentive to media needs without being overbearing. We have formed a close and successful working relationship which is down to her professionalism, understanding of the media and her infectious personality. It is due to all these reasons that I hope to work with her again in the future

Kate Williams
Business & Professional Life Editor, Devon Life Magazine

“…You have heard me say that everyone has a gift. You possess one of the greatest gifts of all which is that of taking the things that will change people's lives and putting them in the hands of those who can use them. Being that connector is being an entity that mends conflicts, creates cooperation between remote groups, and bridges the gap between people to create understanding. I am touched that so many people will have these tools. Thank you again. I look forward to working with you much more. Stay awesome”.

Blair Singer
Author of “Little Voice” Mastery

“Miranda is one of those rare people you meet from time to time (far too infrequently, unfortunately!) that knows their profession inside out - a genuine guru of her trade. Incredibly knowledgeable and connected, have every faith that Miranda will deliver for you or your project - as she did for us at Technium. I couldn't recommend Miranda highly enough in absolutely all aspects including knowledge, professionalism, connections, attitude, personality, work ethic and any other fantastic qualities you think of that you wish more of your fellow human beings possessed”.

Marcus Williams, Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Welsh Government

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